When Zimbabwe achieved independence in 1980, Robert Mugabe became its first democratically elected president and has remained in power since. A decade or so after taking office, Mugabe seized much land from white big landlords who worked them generations before independence. As a result these settlers who were barely compensated took whatever assets left to them and exited Zimbabwe en masse. That in turn decimated the Zimbabwean agricultural production. Poor governance and lack of opportunities aggravated the impact of the haemorrhage of skilled farmers and capital 1 and caused the downfall of the national economy. Faced with a weak economy and increasing indebtedness, the government printed huge amounts of money in futile attempts to cover its deficit which not surprisingly led to hyperinflation and currency devaluation. Coupled with high unemployment rate (70%) and high HIV infection rate (10% of the population) all contributed to Zimbabwe’s poverty and desperation.

For years CEDAR had supported our partners’ HIV orphan ministry. In recent years, CEDAR began supporting partners to help HIV orphans or widows to follow legal procedures relating to birth, marriage, schooling and inheritance, to secure their lawful rights. Please click here for project details.

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