Q1: Is it necessary to pay all donations before October 30?

A: Since we need to receive your registration form and payment no less than the minimum fundraising amount (HK$100) in order to confirm your eligibility, we suggest that you return the form and the donation raised for confirmation of eligibility, and give us the remaining donations after the event.


Q2: If I have paid all the donations before October 30, but failed to participate in the “We Move” from November 3 to November 7, what can I do?

A: If you are not able to participate in “WE MOVE” from November 3 to November 7, we encourage you to participate in other times. You can find the videos used in the “WE MOVE” Challenge and “The Vanished Epidemic Areas” online worship service on CEDAR’s website. In addition, it is recommended that you inform your family and friends who sponsored your participation in the event. Although your participation time is different, their donations will also be used to support our poverty alleviation work.


Q3: Can we continue to raise funds after the “We Move” event?

A: You are welcome to continue to donate to CEDAR’s poverty alleviation work after the “We Move” event, and hand in the funds raised to us before December 15 so that we can arrange the delivery of receipts.


Q4: Why can’t I receive the email with verification code after I registered online?

A: The registration platform will automatically send you an email, and the verification code will be listed in it. If you want to change your information, please click the link in the email and log in to the webpage to make changes. Since the email is automatically sent by the system, it may be regarded as spam. If the email is not found in the inbox, please check the spam mail folder. If you cannot find the email in the end, and you need to modify the information, please email us: event@cedarfund.org. Our colleague will handle it for you.


Q5: What is a confirmation of eligibility?

A: After we receive your registration form and minimum fundraising amount, we will send out a confirmation of eligibility via email or letter. Your name and participation code are included as our confirmation of your participation.


Q6: What should I do if I do not receive the confirmation of eligibility issued by CEDAR Fund before the start of the “We Move” event?

A: You can contact us to confirm whether we have received your registration form and payment.


Q7: During the “We Move” Challenge, do participants have to upload their workout selfies to social media platforms or send them to friends who donate to support?

A: Not necessary, but we encourage participants to upload workout selfies, share their experiences with others, and encourage the public to pay attention to the situation of poor friends overseas under the pandemic.


Q8: I am willing to respond to the call to upload my workout selfies to online social platforms during the “We Move” Challenge. Is there an official way to upload my workout selfies?

A: Thank you for your response. We did not set up any special page for participants to upload their workout selfies, but we encourage participants to share the photos with others through their social media channels.