During the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to taking adequate preventive measures, people also actively maintain good health, such as eating more nutritious food, drinking more water, and doing more exercise.


However, our poor friends overseas do not have a solution. Their governments lack the resources to deal with the impact of the pandemic, and they are also unable to help themselves. In order to support our friends overseas maintain good health and resist the pandemic, CEDAR Fund is glad to announce a new fundraising event – the “We Move” Challenge. We hope that while encouraging more local people to do more exercise through this challenge, we can show our support to our friends far away and help them overcome the pandemic.


CEDAR invites our companions or poor friends overseas to film videos on exercise training. Participants of “We Move” Challenge can access to these videos that will be uploaded on CEDAR’s Facebook and YouTube for 5 consecutive days from 3 November to 7 November. Participants are requested to follow the training and work out for 5 to 10 minutes a day. We encourage participants to appeal to your relatives and friends in joining this challenge and raise fund to assist the poor from fighting against the pandemic. The donations will be used for CEDAR’s poverty alleviation projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.



Details of Activity


“We Move” Challenge

Arrange time and place by yourself to work out with our companions or poor friends overseas in the video for 5 consecutive days. We also encourage you to take selfies during the workout, and upload them to social media or send to your friends who wish to donate and support.


Online Worship Service

Theme: “The Vanished Epidemic Areas”. On 7 November online

No registration required. Watch it on CEDAR Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Minimum fundraising amount per person: HK$100

Application deadline: 23 October, 2020





Fundraising Target


The budget of CEDAR Fund’s Poverty Alleviation Development Projects for the 2020-2021 fiscal year:


Fundraising target for “We Move”:



Co-organiser and Supporting Units


The CEDAR Barefoot walk this year is co-organised with Abounding Grace Baptist Church, and supported by various churches and Christian organisations. The supporting units are:


Assembly of God Harland Park Memorial Church, Eden Ministry, Evangelical Free Church of China – Jachin Church, Logos Ministries, and Manna.







The top 10 participants with the highest fundraising amount will be awarded a hand-made bookmark sponsored by CEDAR’s partner Eden Ministry.

Eden Ministry is committed to helping the sexually exploited to restore a dignified life. All bookmarks are hand-made by the beneficiaries.