Concern on Recent Riot in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for peace and safety in Bangladesh]


At least 48 persons were killed and thousand others were injured in clashes in Bangladesh at a strike called over due to a death sentence given to an Islamist party leader on charges including murder, rape and torture during the war of independence in 1971 on 28 February. The main targets of the Jammat Shibir (Islamic student organisation) are the minority communities specially the Hindus as well as law enforcers. The Jammat Shibir set fire on vehicles and train, pulled out railway slippers in many part of the country. Two field workers belong to one of our local partners were stopped by Jamaat Shibir activists while they were on their way to field visit. The activist asked them to stop working for Christian NGO and to join them to save the Islam. Our local partner has asked all field staffs to take extra pre-caution during the field visit.

Pray for peace and safety in Bangladesh:

  • Pray for God’s protection over to the target groups, i.e. the Hindus minority community and the law enforcers;
  • Pray for the safety of frontline workers from our local partners in Bangladesh and other NGOs, and that our partners will have wisdom to spread the love of God and message of reconciliation in the midst of a hostile environment.
  • Pray for the peace talk between the Islamic groups and the government of Bangladesh.