Remember Farmers in India

[ePrayer – Pray for farmers in India]


Though the number of farmers committing suicide in India has decreased, there were still 228 farmer suicide cases alone in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra (Mumbai also in this province) in 10 months ended 31 Jan 2013. Reasons for farmers’ suicide include mounting debts and those connected to farming conditions such as drought and flood.  Some desperate, debt-burdened farmers in an adjacent province Andhra Pradesh even sold their kidneys to raise loans. The Indian government has devised some assistance/aid schemes such as Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme (ADWDRS) since 2008. However, an Indian well known journalist, especially on reporting peasant suicides in India, said that Indian society has become more unequal than ever and farm loan waiver was designed to fail. Farm credits were disbursed more in urban Mumbai than in rural Maharashtra. Most of the farmers who committed suicide were those who took loans from private lenders. [OneWorld, the Hindu]

Pray for farmers in India:

  • Pray that depressed farmers will have social assistance and supporting network, to help them face the desperate situations;
  • Pray for better design on the official agricultural debt waiver and debt relief scheme to fix the need of rural farmers.