President Election in Zimbabwe under Dispute

[ePrayer – President Election in Zimbabwe under Dispute]


Robert Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980, was sworn in as president today on 22 August, extending his 33-year rule of the country after winning the 31 July election. Although Southern African leaders endorsed the re-election of Mugabe, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network said that before Election Day the voter registration process was systematically biased against urban voters, disenfranchising up to a million people out of 6.4 million registered voters (15%). Western nations also questioned the credibility of this election.

Mugabe will continue his ‘indigenisation’ policy, redistributing wealth by forcing foreign-owned firms to sell at least 51% to black Zimbabwe. Trust that US and EU will not loosen the sanctions against Mugabe’s government. [REUTERS(1), REUTERS(2)]

Pray for the development of Zimbabwe:

  • Pray for peace, justice and good governance in Zimbabwe;
  • Pray that the ‘new’ government will concern for the needs of Zimbabwean people.