Sichuan Yaan Quake: Third Phase of Relief Work and Post-disaster Recovery Plan

The distribution process of relief material has been hampered because of the road block caused by heavy rain and landslide. Give thanks that the CEDAR’s China programme team and local church were able to successfully deliver all materials sponsored by HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee to the quake affected families. Besides, members of Dazhou church went to the affected area and provided medical service.

1. Relief material distribution

CEDAR received a grant from HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee for the second phase of relief distribution, and worked with local churches & Christian groups in Sichuan to deliver cooking oil, plastic sheets, metal food tanks and sanitary items for women, benefiting 2 administrative villages in Tianquan County and 3 administrative villages in Lushan County, altogether 2,772 households. The households greatly appreciate these materials, particularly the plastic sheets and metal food tanks. As rain still occurs frequently, they can wrap their properties with plastic sheets for protection and store their food in the food tanks.

Once rain had stopped and the road had reopened, the team was busy to load the materials into the trucks.

The truck arrived at midnight, and the staff team and volunteers were then busy to unload the plastic sheets despite heavy rain. 

The staff was stock-checking the metal food tanks. 

Villagers volunteered themselves to help in the distribution process.

Villagers collected the women sanitary packs.

Cooking oil fits exactly their needs. 

Villagers were happy to receive the plastic sheets. They could wrap their properties and food so they don’t get wet. 

Also, they like the metal food tank, as food can be stored in it and kept fresh. 

Villagers had to walk over hills to carry the heavy packs of relief materials back home. They helped each other on the way. 

The staff team also went to the affected villages to visit the families. 

During the conversation with the villagers, the staff team learned their needs and also calmed down their worries.   

Pray that the affected community can walk from the dire situation and embrace hope soon

2. Medical service

Medical service was organized in two townships in Lushan County, by Dazhou church, Sichuan. Many villagers in the affected areas exhibited dizziness, weakness, chronic illness and other sicknesses after the quake. The medical volunteer team provided consultation and certain medicines.

Through the service, we can identify the physical and psychological needs of the community after the quake and then provide counseling and post- trauma services, hoping this can assist them to start a new life.  

Please keep praying for the new round of rehabilitation work that through our service we can continue to care for the quake victims.

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