1. Will the fund raised only be used to support particular relief programme designated by the donor?

CEDAR has an “Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund” to respond to emergencies and support disaster mitigation worldwide. All funds designated to one particular relief project will have separated independent accounts under this Fund for the purpose of relief and rehabilitation to the disaster affected population in that particular nation/area. In the event that the level of fund raised is over what we need or that eventually no operation can be carried out in that particular nation/area, fund under the independent accounts will be transferred to support other relief and disaster mitigation programmes.

2. How would CEDAR control the cost in disaster relief fundraising?

As a funding partner in relief aids, CEDAR limits our costs to a minimum so that most of the donations can reach the hands of our partners working in the disaster areas.

From the first 1 million Hong Kong Dollar of donation,

  • CEDAR retrieves only 10% for cost recovery
    • 4% for relief projects monitoring
    • 2% for education and promotion
    • 4% for general administration

From the remainder of donation over the first 1 million Hong Kong Dollar,

  • Cedar reduces the cost to only 8%
    • 3% for relief projects monitoring
    • 2% for education and promotion
    • 3% for general administration

3. Is CEDAR a reliable aid agency?

CEDAR has 20-year experience in relief and development work. Followings are part of the emergency reliefs and funding we provided in past:

  • 1991 Huadong Flooding (Southern China)
  • 1993 Sudan Famine
  • 1997 North Korea Food Crisis*
  • 2001 Crisis in Afghanistan after 11 September
  • 2002 Eritrea Food Crisis*
  • 2004 South Asia Tsunami*
  • 2007 Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh*
  • 2008 China Snow Relief*, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar*, Sichuan Earthquake (China)*and India Flooding*
  • 2009 Emergency Relief to Conflict-displaced in Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake and Qinghai Earthquake (China)
  • 2011 Japan Earthquake, Conflict-displaced Kachin along Sino-Burmese Border, Philippines Cyclone
  • 2012 Yiliang Earthquake (China)*

(* Relief projects partially granted by HKSAR government)

CEDAR is a member of “WiseGiving Charities” listed on www.wisegiving.org.hk.

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