Day 1 Pray for the rural development in China
china-d1 CEDAR is implementing a rural community development project in Gansu Province. Project intervention includes leadership training, improved agricultural techniques, raising awareness on community health education, etc. In addition, we support water and husbandry development activities in rural villages of Hubei Province. Pray that these projects can provide development opportunity to local rural villagers to improve their living and bring transformation to their lives.
Day 2 Pray for mobilisation work among local churches
china-d2 In the past years CEDAR had been actively engaging local churches in Yunnan and Sichuan, conducting different training programmes to mobilise local churches to respond to the need in their societies on issues such as disaster prevention and management, prevention on HIV/AIDS and caring for the impoverished families. Pray that more local churches can understand and live out integral mission and to serve their local communities.
Day 3 Pray for disaster risk reduction project
china-d3 Since 2008 after the Sichuan Earthquake, CEDAR has launched disaster risk reduction and mitigation activities in different provinces. In 2011, we worked with schools in Xuanhan, Sichuan Province to organize training on disaster prevention and give basic knowledge on health and hygiene as well as equipped school teachers to educate students on disaster prevention. In Wufeng, Hubei Province, CEDAR mobilised villagers to plant tea trees on the slope in order to reduce the risk of landslide. Pray that those projects can help school teachers, students and villagers to reduce the risk of disaster through taking proper disaster prevention and management measures.
Day 4 Pray for HIV/AIDS project
china-d4 Yunnan is one of the provinces seriously affected by HIV/AIDS in China. In the past few years, CEDAR in partnership with churches in Yunnan gave training to church leaders, seminary students and Christians on HIV/AIDS related issues, and to facilitate them to reach out and give care to HIV/AIDS affected families and communities. We also help HIV infected patients and their family to generate income and build up supporting networks to build self-reliant and to improve their living.
Day 5 Pray for the supporting programme to migrant workers
CHINA-D5 In earlier years CEDAR had conducted pre-departure training to migrant workers to raise their knowledge on labour legislation, basic rights and to give support whenever needed. Presently we are supporting migrant workers in Wufeng, Hubei Province to build effective social support networks. Pray that the programme can help migrant workers to secure their rights.
Day 6 Pray for the development of organic farming
china-d6 As a way to encourage Chinese farmers to adopt an environmental friendly and sustainable farming method, CEDAR has set up an organic farmland in Wuhan, Hubei Province to demonstrate organic farming techniques and to increase the values of farm produces. Pray that this project can become a catalyst to encourage local farmers to apply sustainable farming approaches.
Day 7 Pray for Sino-Burmese cross- border ministry
china-d7 CEDAR is the process of negotiating with different local and overseas churches and NGOs to explore possibility on developing Sino-Burmese cross-border ministry with the aim to assist communities and families affected by human trafficking. The programme may start this year. Please remember the preparation work.

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