Peacekeeping – MONUC

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. MONUC VISITS A WOMEN’S SHELTER IN GOMA FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE. A delegation of MONUC female staff visited a women’s shelter in Goma and donated much needed supplies, such as blankets, sheets, cookingware and toileterie care packages. In solidarity for their own sisters, this shelter is run by Congolese women for other Congolese women who are in need of a helping hand and a safe place to stay (for those who survive and/or manage to escape the wrath of their abusers). The strength and courage of these women was palpable and incredibly remarkable. The extent of violence that they have suffered would leave anyone broken. One woman has not uttered a word since being raped three years ago. Many of these women have given birth to many children only out of these violent acts. Another one giving birth to triplets after having been gang-raped twice. (sic). A rare ambiance of celebration was in the air because of MONUC’s visit, which was humbling. Any helping gesture, big or small, is much appreciated, as these women’s needs are great. Seen here: Women of all ages are sexually abused, from infants to seniors. On left: a young adolescent child who is now parenting her own child. On right: victim of two gang rapes carrying one of her triplet children. (In order to protect the identity of the women, victim’s faces are either under-exposed, blurred or not seen at all.)

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