Over the years, Myanmar has not been able to shake off totalitarianism, corruption, oppression and poverty. In provinces surrounding Yangon, poverty takes the form of fierce and unrelenting conflicts. In past, the mountain tribal armies fought with the state military, tearing asunder countless families. Many parents have had to sell their sons and daughters as labourers or child soldiers because they were too poor to keep their children. The cyclone that struck Myanmar in 2008 caused catastrophic devastation and casualties, further burdening this impoverished land.

Praise the Lord the since 2011, Burmese government has signed the peace agreement with those 11 major ethnic armed groups. Some districts have started the post-conflict rehabilitation work.

CEDAR works with local Christian organisations and churches to serve children orphaned by conflict or cyclone by providing basic living and holistic care, and to help displaced or cyclone affected communities to rebuild their living. Please click here to know more about our projects in Myanmar.

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