CEDAR Club was established in 2003 by a group of HK Christians who had joined CEDAR exposure trips to visit and learn about Christian development or rehabilitation projects in different parts of the world.  We come from various denominations.  We join together to care for the poor in response to the Words of God.

Our Belief

When Jesus Christ began his ministry on earth, not only did he preach the message of the Kingdom of God, he also demonstrated holistic care for the needy through his deeds.  Jesus’ ministry is described as ‘telling the good news’ together with ‘doing good’ (Acts 10:36-38).  With Jesus Christ as our example, CEDAR Club desires to learn, mobilize and to carry out Christian ministries to the poor in order to live out our faith.  We want to gather Christians together, impact the world with our good deeds and walk with the poor.

Our Objectives

  1. Increase our understanding of the poor or disadvantaged groups; have our eyes on His World.
  2. Gather Christians’ cohesive force; mobilize the Church to participate in Christian ministries to the poor.
  3. Live out the teaching of Jesus Christ; personally set an example to care for the poor.

Member Activities

  • Regular Activities> Sharing sessions, visit, social activities

Sharing sessions aim at inviting Christians and pastors, who care about poverty and justice, to share and exchange their view, analysis and experience with members for  enhancing the knowledge of members about poverty and related practices. Visits provide members the opportunities to have contact with the poor and deprived. Through listening to their life stories and providing appropriate practical responses members will gain an in-depth understanding and reflection . Social activities aim at strengthening team spirit and exchange of ideas.

  • Practice Projects> Long term visit programme, advocacy group

To raise opportunities to explore the situations of grassroots families and the homeless through long term visitation programmes and to address their needs through initiating practical projects.

Rule and Regulation of Membership

Target> Christians aged 18 or above who have passion in poverty alleviation
Fee> $100
Period> 2 yrs
Membership validity period> from 1 July to 30 June of the following year
Condition for renewing membership> Participate in at least one CEDAR Club activity within the given membership validity period
Member’s Rights> Participate in sharing sessions, visit, social activities organised by CEDAR Club and have priority to enroll in some of the activities organised by CEDAR Fund.

If you are interested to join CEDAR Club, please email to us and send us along with a cheque payable to ‘CEDAR FUND’ or the pay-in slip (deposit to HSBC A/C No. 600-385678-001).

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