1. We accept the Bible as the highest authority for guiding our belief and actions.
  2. We reaffirm our motto: ‘From Church, Through Church’ as our guiding principle of operation. [1]
  3. The beneficiaries of our programmes will include all members of the community served, irrespective of race, gender, religion and colour.
  4. We believe in the value and dignity of each person created in the image of God, therefore no one should be bound by poverty’s vicious cycle.
  5. We are committed to promote justice according to biblical commands.
  6. We are committed to high professional standards in implementing educational, relief, advocacy and development programmes in pursuit of these goals.
  7. We will be accountable to God and our donors for the faithful use of all resources put at our disposal and will be transparent in the reporting of all we do.

[1] CEDAR Fund fulfils its purpose by working in partnership with churches and Christian organisations around the world who share its basis of faith. An exception to this rule may be made in disaster situations where Government or international funds designated for disaster relief may be sought. In addition, where no suitable partner exists to mount a relief or development programme, CEDAR may instigate its own programme providing it is under the supervision of those who share its Basis of Faith.

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