Heavy Floods in Nepal and Northern India Calls for Emergency Relief

Heavy rains and floods were reported in Nepal last week, and now the affected areas are extended to include the northern parts of India. Thirty five provinces of Nepal are experiencing floods and landslides which affected nearly 13,000 families, destroying 6,800 homes. In India, more than 2.7 million people in the northern provinces of Bihar, Assam, and West Bengal were affected by the prolonged precipitation.

CEDAR has dispensed an emergency fund at the end of July to support our partner in Nepal, the Asal Chhimekee Nepal-Pokhara (A.C.N), who is tending to 300 families in Nawalparasi, Central Nepal. In the coming week, we will dispense another relief fund to one of our partners, the Samari Utthan Sewa (SUS), to help them in providing necessities to 121 affected families in Chitwan and Morang.

distributing essentials to 300 affected families.

In recent years, CEDAR is actively supporting EFICOR in establishing disaster prevention programs and disaster response groups among villagers in Bihar, India, an area where natural disasters occur in high frequencies. The villagers learn different techniques and run response drills to minimize any possible damages. “We saw good results in the villages that participated in the program, where the preventative measures worked to lower the damage caused by the recent floods which would otherwise be much worse,” said one of the staff members of EFICOR. Some of the members of the disaster response groups even followed our partner and helped other villages. EFICOR is planning to provide emergency help to 10,000 families in 30 of the most devastated villages, which would cost $3.7 million HKD.


Please act now and provide help to the people affected by the floods in Nepal and India by supporting the partners of CEDAR.

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