Call for Humanitarian Support for Refugees

“The condition here is dire, but my home is here”
“I only want my kids to have a bright future, that was why I brought them to Europe”
“One day we will return to Syria and tell others our stories as refugees”
“There is nothing here for us, I wish I will be treated as a person in Europe”
“I cry for Syria, we have lost everything in Syria.  I miss Syria, I miss our home.”

Living in Hong Kong, we probably feel that the refugee situation is not close to us, but their experience is real.  Though we may not know, the Syrian people have been seriously affected by war and conflict there.  Unfortunately, the number of refugees have reached the historic height of over 60 million. 

Within the last five years, Syria had first experienced the protests of Arab Spring, which led to aggravation of conflict within the country.  The conflict escalated to civil war and massacres of civilians ensued.  Tanks, armored vehicles, chemical weapons are extinguishing the hope of survival for Syrian.  They can no longer live in Syria where their lives are threatened, even though their homes mean everything to them.  About 12 million Syrian fled from home.  Those displaced in Syria depend on humanitarian support to survive.  Some escaped to neighbouring countries, or even Europe, at great risk of their lives.

Besides Syria, Iraq have seen an increasing number of refugees as well.  Since 2014, ISIS had been at war with the Iraqi government in the Northern districts and over 3 million Iraqi have lost their homes.

Syrian refugees now mainly stay in the Middle East.  Over 1 million Syrian refugees reside in Lebanon and about 600,000 in Jordan.  Though they have managed to escape war, they still need humanitarian support for their livelihood.

CEDAR Fund now supports Integral Alliance* in their humanitarian effort in the Middle East to cover the needs of the refugees.

  • Syria: provide health and sanitary facility for the local refugees
  • Jordan and Lebanon: provide clean water, medical facility, basic heath and funding support, and shelter support
  • Iraq: provide shelter assistance, basic health support, clean water and food aid

Please act now and help the refugees in Middle East.  Your donation will provide the refugees with basic needs and ease their current predicaments.

Pray for our neighbours:

  • Pray that the war and conflict in Syria and Iraq will end soon.
  • Pray that the humanitarian aid of Integral Alliance’s* member agencies will alleviate the desperate situation of people there, so that they do not need to make the long and dangerous journey fleeing to other nations.
  • Pray that God will raise up His churches around the world to be the neighbours of refugees, and to offer much needed care and help to people in desperation.
  • Pray that all nations will work together to have a good arrangement to provide temporary settlement and long-term resettlement to the refugees.

Relief Donation:

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*Integral Alliance is a global alliance of 21 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. CEDAR is one of the member agencies.