MFDC Agricultural Training Brings Hope to Farmers in Myanmar

[ePrayer – Pray for the farming and demonstrating project in Myanmar]


Give thanks for a successful completion of a two- week Agricultural Training attended by 25 farmers, two weeks field visit and a project evaluation by CEDAR Agricultural Consultant Mr Donn Armstrong. This time the training focused on growing of dry season crops, animal production and practical visits to commercial vegetable growers, flower growers, pig breeding and finishing unit and duck farms. The evaluation and field visits show that there was a good adoption of the ideas and principles promoted by previous course trainees in their area.

Pray for the farming and demonstrating project in Myanmar:

  • Pray that farmers can practice what they learned and know how to care for the soil and to rest one seventh of their land each year. (Seven Year Rest Crop Rotation)    
  • Pray for the future long term development plans for the farming and demonstration farm. There is need to increase planting to give sustainable annual income.  
  • Pray for upcoming discussion with partner based on recommendations from the evaluation report.