Integral Alliance

[Annual Report 2011-2012] Networking

Haiti Earthquake

Review of 2011 to 2012

In past ten years, different Christian relief and development organisations around the world started to build up the network among them in order to respond to the increasing disasters and poverty issues more effectively. Under this context Integral Alliance (IA) was formed. In 2011, IA has had a three-year strategic working plan from 2012 to 2015, to provide quicker and proper relief response and post-disaster rehabilitation to any disaster around world through improving the communication system and setting up the relief operating guidelines among alliance’s member agencies.

In May 2012, IA updated the communication systems. Member agencies can now get more updated information and give response to different disasters through the internet platform. In June 2012, member agencies for first time used the new internet platform and communication system to discuss and coordinate the humanitarian relief on Sudan’s conflict.

18 global Christian relief and development organisations join Integral Alliance

Jackson’s Sharing

‘The official launch of the Integral Alliance Disaster Response in May 2012 set a new milestone of a joint international effort among 18 international Christian relief and development agencies of Integral Alliance.  The new process coordinates and facilitates members to quickly disseminate the latest information about disasters and proposals of relief operations to other members for speedy and well-coordinated responses, maximizing resources and minimizing on redundancy. With different specialties and geographical focus, the process secures prayer and tangible assistance from members and their network which may not have the information or channels to do so. This partnership and servant heart among member agencies make Integral Alliance something special.  It is more than being merely functional. There is a spiritual bond and a sense of fellowship that attests to the reality of Emmanuel—God with us.’