Since the monsoon season in India in June 2018, 1,400 people were killed by the floods in the country. The most serious casualty was found in the Kerala State of southern India, killing nearly 500 people and affecting more than 5.4 million inhabitants.


The Kerala State has experienced the worst floods in a century. The floods badly hit the local tourism and agriculture. As of 11th September 2018, there were around 4,800 people living in temporary shelters.


Ramesh Babu, programs director of EFICOR*, said: “Kerala is a blessed area…It has a green environment, beautiful coconut trees, tea gardens and rubber plantations. It is also a well-developed area with the highest literacy rate and life expectancy among the states in India.” However, a devastating flood has pushed Kerala to a sudden poverty.”


To assist people in Kerala, CEDAR Fund has allocated US$10,008 from the organisation’s “Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund” to support EFICOR’s flood relief effort, which will provide help to 155 flood-stricken families through cash transfer. On 17th September 2018, CEDAR were granted a total of HK$3.613 million from the Disaster Relief Fund by the Government of Hong Kong to further assist the survivors. Until 27th November, 13,060 families have been benefited from our support. Based on the calculation of an average 5 family members per household, we estimate the number of beneficiaries would be about 65,000.


Relief materials received by each household include:


  • “Food Kit”: rice, green beans, salt, Indian tea
  • “Household Kit”: clothes, bed-sheets
  • “Hygiene Kit”: toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath soaps, sanitary napkins, shampoo, water purification tabs


*EFICOR is the CEDAR’s partner in India with decades of experience in disaster relief and poverty alleviation. The full name of EFICOR is the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief.


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