(Last updated: 24th June, with Anti-pandemic relief report in mainland China)


COVID-19 has spread to many countries in the world. China, where the outbreak first took place, has suffered one of the worst hits. The disease has spread rapidly all over the country. Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province were locked down one after another. In order to stop the spread of the virus, closed-off gated-community management was implemented in many cities and there was strict control on entry to these communities. Up to 5th of March 2020 , there have been over 80,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 3,000 deaths reported in mainland China as a result of the disease.


In light of the severity of the outbreak and the lack of epidemic prevention materials in China, CEDAR made an allocation of approximately HK$513,000 to provide emergent relief aid in Hubei, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. Through the local networks of our Christian partners in mainland, we provided medical personnel, disinfection workers, impoverished families, as well as civil servants who were on shift duty to combat the disease, with hygienic and protective supplies. We also mobilised volunteers to care for the poor families and offer living supplies. As this COVID-19 is highly contagious, our partners strove to keep person-to-person contact to a minimum during distribution. Instead of directly entering the community, they distributed materials to beneficiaries via hospitals, institutions and community units in need.



Latest Update:

Anti-pandemic relief report in mainland China | 24th June 2020



We would like to invite you to participate by giving donations and offering your prayers to our COVID-19 relief work in mainland China.


Below is a summary of our relief ministry:


Sponsored distribution of items: face masks, gloves, protective clothing, hand sanitisers, disinfectant powder, goggles, infrared thermometers and etc.


Items distributed include: 4,600 face masks, 1,440 goggles, 400 sets of protective clothing, 450 kg of disinfectant powder and 420 bottles of hand sanitizer. Some face masks, gloves and protective clothing are still being shipped and the relief ministry is on-going.


Target beneficiaries: Medical personnel, local residents, impoverished families, civil servants who were on shift duty to combat the disease, and volunteers.


Join Hands in helping the needy


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Other donation methods: (please specify “COVID-19 Relief in Mainland China”)

  1. Cheque: Please make it payable to CEDAR FUND
  2. Direct Deposit: HSBC 600-385678-001 or BEA 015-185-68-00931-7 SSA
  3. Autopay (for regular fixed donations): Please complete the Autopay Authorisation Form (Download Donation Form) and send back to us
  4. Visa/ Master Card: Donate online or send us back a completed donation form (Download Donation Form)
  5. Faster Payment System (FPS ID: 3354016): Login to your online banking to donate through FPS to ID 3354016
  6. PayMe: Scan the below code to donate

Please send the cheque, bank-in slip or screenshot of successful payment along with your name, contact phone number and mailing address to us via mail, email or WhatsApp.


Mailing Address: CEDAR Fund, G.P.O. Box  3212, Hong Kong

Email: sharing@cedarfund.org

WhatsApp (for donation matters only): 5160 7549


If the donation exceeds the above mentioned allocation of funds, the excess amount will be transferred to CEDAR’s “Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund”. The fund will enable us to respond to immediate needs, and support disaster mitigation in poor nations always being hit by disasters to reduce the amount of devastation.


About donation:

[1] CEDAR is an approved charitable institution and trust of a public character under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Please visit Inland Revenue Department website for details.
[2] Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong with our receipts.
[3] Please DO NOT fax any donation information.


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FAQs on Relief Appeal: http://bit.ly/cedar-relief-FAQe