The Letter from CEDAR | October 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

When we think of ‘poverty alleviation’ we may have the impression that it is the ‘rich’ initiating to help the ‘poor’. When I first left Hong Kong 33 years ago, I met some friends from Africa and India, and learned about their ministries. I realized that they had already developed many mission work and social ministries themselves. They were indeed not just recipients of aid. That started in me a lot of respect and appreciation for our friends in different countries.

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‘UNSUNG HEROES’ — A Conference for the Women of Hong Kong

[Outside Activity]


October 18 & 19, 2013Venue: The Vine Centre, 29 Burrows St., Wan Chai, Hong Kong

‘Unsung Heroes’ is a two-day event designed to promote and encourage the women of Hong Kong to play an active role and stand with those who are suffering for their faith in Asia today.

Come and hear the incredible stories of two women who have risked everything to follow Jesus.

Meet the speakers and attend workshops to learn and understand the plight of our persecuted Christians and support them.

Friday 18 October: The family night.
Although this is women’s conference, this evening is one for families. Join us with your loved ones for an inspiring evening of worship and praise, performances by well known artistes, and moving and powerful stories of courage and hope from our main speakers.

Saturday 19 October. The women’s conference
This day is exclusively for women. We will have two sisters from the region inspiring us with powerfully moving stories of faith and struggle, opening our eyes and hearts to their suffering and victories.

Conference Pass: HK$ 150 for both days (registration required)

Friday night only: HK$100
This conference pass grants you entry to the whole event including the Friday evening opening concert and to the final closing session on Saturday afternoon.


To register, visit:

Performing artistes Jill’s testimony:

Support for Eradication of FGM

[ePrayer – Pray for the elimination of FGM]


UNICEF reported over 125 million women and girls in 29 countries across Africa and Asia have undergone female genital mutilation (‘FGM’). 30 million girls are still at risk of suffering FGM in the next decade. Egypt is top-listed with 27.2 million females having got FGM. The highest percentage among female populations suffering FGM is in Somalia, 98%. The younger generation of girls is less likely to undergo FGM and is more educated and aware of the negative consequences of FGM. Men need to be included in the fight against FGM as many males are reported willing to see an end to this traditional practice. More community protective measures including supports to girls evading FGM are suggested. [IPS]

Pray for the elimination of FGM:

  • Pray for concerted effort around the world for FGM elimination;
  • Pray that both men and women can speak out that they want this harmful practice eliminated;
  • Pray also for FGM victims in overcoming any traumatic effect.

Malnutrition is the Biggest Underlying Cause of Child’s Death

[ePrayer – Pray for the world’s malnourished children]

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The numbers of humans living on less than $1.25 a day is expected to be halved by 2015, a success for a Millennium Development Goal target set in 2000, however, economic growth does not necessarily reduce hunger especially among the world’s poorest. Under-nutrition is the biggest underlying cause of death in children under five in the world, responsible for 8,000 child deaths each day. In India, child malnutrition has increased in the past decade, despite its economic boom. A report in 2013 estimated that stunting, a form of malnutrition which causes a child to be too small for his or her age, affected at least 165 million children worldwide in 2011, with Africa and Asia showing the highest prevalence. It is said that countries will not be able to break out of poverty or sustain economic advances when so much of their population is unable to achieve the nutritional security that is needed for a healthy and productive life. [Guardian, BBC]

Pray for the world’s malnourished children :

  • Pray that all nations will be committed to supporting reduction in malnutrition to help achieve poverty eradication ;
  • Pray also that child’s nutrition will be improved in order to ensure their lives, health and development.

Civil Registration Protect the Rights of Marginalised Groups

[ePrayer – Pray for better civil registration system in Asia]


Stronger civil registration systems are needed in Asia, home to 60 percent of the world’s population, to ensure the legal and human rights of all. Civil registration is the most basic requirement for individuals to establish legal identity and to formalise family relationships, and is thus a basic responsibility of the state. Without a legal identity, individuals may be deprived of the right of access to key public services such as health, education, social welfare and recourse to justice. Statistics show that only one quarter of the world’s seven billion inhabitants live in countries with registration systems that record births and death efficiently. 51 million children go unregistered each year globally, while in South Asia two out of three children are not registered at birth and thus have no official record of their names, family and place or date of birth. Birth certificates are crucial forms of social protection for vulnerable and marginalised groups such as people in poverty, and such registration can be an effective tool for preventing human trafficking and child marriages. [IRIN]

Pray for better civil registration system in Asia:

  • Pray that governments of Asian countries can take an active role to improve the civil registration system and remove the barriers such as geography, cultural differences, inadequate legal frameworks and provide funds for such changes;
  • Pray for public awareness towards the importance of civil registration and more marginalised group will get registered to protect their rights.

Annual Report 2011-2012

[Annual Report 2011-2012] A Word from the Chairman

> Rev Raymond LO, Chairman of the Board

Strain Toward What Is Ahead

In 2011 and 2012, large number of children, women and poor people suffered from ethnic conflicts, natural disasters and kinds of economic and social injustice. Out of the love of Christ, CEDAR’s partners and staff have worked very hard to respond to various disasters by providing emergency relief assistance and recovery support in Africa and Asia. Through our development projects, our supported groups and communities not only received concrete help but are also able to learn to be self-reliant. Seeing the needs around the world are so great, CEDAR has tried to support more in response to partners’ requests. But in past few years, the donations received by CEDAR have not been able to match up a budget for giving those supports. Last year we had reluctantly to cut some of our programme supports for partners who are also suffering from financial difficulties. May I request your prayers and supports on our ministry so that more of those in needs may feel the love of God?

In the coming year, CEDAR will seek to visit more Christian churches in Hong Kong and prepare some material for better understanding by church members about our ministry and the needs around the world. In Christ let us live out our integral mission together!
Annual Report 2011-2012 [Download full version]

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