Integral DR alert raised for East Africa Food Crisis

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An Alert for an Integral Response was raised on 30th September 2015 for increasing food insecurity in East Africa, with Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan especially affected. Extreme weather patterns, caused by a particularly strong El Niño, are causing floods and droughts in many regions of the world. The implications of these weather extremes are life threatening for millions of people in majority world countries who are dependent on agriculture and fishing …

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Joint Call for Hong Kong Public Support and Concern for Syrian Humanitarian Catastrophe

A Joint Statement by Amity Foundation Hong Kong, Cedar Fund, Hong Kong Red Cross, Oxfam Hong Kong, Plan International Hong Kong, Save the Children Hong Kong, The Salvation Army

A picture of Alan Kurdi brought tears to millions overnight: a 3-year old Syrian boy lying cold and dead on a beach in Turkey, after he and members of his family drowned trying to reach safety. He was only one of the 12 million Syrians suffering from violence, persecution and extreme conflict-led poverty in a brutal war. The story of the Syrians fleeing conflict is the same sad story for many refugees around the world. In common with many other countries at war, instability and poverty at this very moment, people are forced to leave everything behind and to risk their lives in perilous journeys with only a hope of survival.

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Integral Response to Myanmar Flooding

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Integral’s Disaster Response process was initiated on 6 August 2015 for severe flooding affecting large parts of Asia …

At least 493 people are reported dead in six countries after monsoon rains and tropical Cyclone Komen caused severe flooding in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Vietnam. An estimated 55,000 homes have been destroyed, with the media reporting one million people displaced (The Guardian; CNN).

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Running in Ultra-marathon for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

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In an attempt to raise HK$1 million for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal, Mr. Kilias Hung has just finished a week-long 250 km ultra-marathon in Ecuador on 1 August.  CEDAR Fund, the beneficiary organization of this race, calls for continued public support of Kilias’s endeavor, as every dollar will help the neglected communities in Nepal to resume their normal life and livelihood.

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CEDAR’s Relief Response to Severe Flood in Northern India

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Torrential rains have caused massive devastation and severe distress in India, particularly in the states of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s the worst flood in the last 106 years and has affected nearly 5 million people over 15 districts of the state. 3,000 villages and several towns were submerged. Hundreds of people are reported to have died, while thousands are missing. The Prime Minister of India declared it as a “national calamity”.

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CEDAR’s Response to Sichuan Yaan Earthquake

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Lushan County, Yaan City of Sichuan, China was hit by a powerful earthquake in the early morning of 20th April causing over ten-thousand injured and over 100,000 homeless.  After the quake, Sichuan Province Christian Council immediate sent workers to the quake zone to survey the damage. Since then CEDAR Fund is in close contact with local pastors in Sichuan to learn to latest situation and needs.

One of our local church contacts is the Sichuan Guanghan Church who had previously work in close partnership with CEDAR to respond to the Sichuan Quake in 2008. Together with several church members, the church pastor immediately purchased bottled water to deliver to earthquake affected area. However due to collapsed roads and traffic control, their vehicle could not proceed further. At this emergency rescue stage, only trucks with official permit can enter the seriously affected regions in Lushan County. All relief materials are gathered at an official distribution centre waiting to transport to Lushan. Yaan is a mountainous region with frequent low temperature in the night therefore warm blankets and tents are urgently needed. Other emergency items identified are clean drinking water, food items, baby food and sanitary materials for women.

In partnership with local churches and Christian partners, CEDAR will deploy staff to Yaan after the rescue stage to carry out assessment and to develop recovery plan to implement post-disaster rehabilitation activities.

The latest relief update will be released through:


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HSBC 600-385678-001 (Please mark “Sichuan Yaan Earthquake Relief”)

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